Inspired by the beauty of living walls all over the world, WallPots are an innovative and creative new growing system that allows you to create a lush living wall of your own at home. Produced using only the highest quality materials, WallPots are thinner and more durable than any other fabric pot on the market today. They allow you to create an outdoor sanctuary inside or build the perfect hanging garden outside. The sturdy three pocketed fabric frame is designed with a heavy-duty rubber backing that provides long-term durability, as well as reduced maintenance.

Fabric wall pot dimensions

Wall potFabric Frame-
21 ½ Inches Wide
14 ½ Inches Tall

Single Pocket (Three total)-
5 ¼ Inches Wide
9 ½ Inches Tall

WallPots come with an easy-to-use “drip-line” irrigation channel system. This, combined with some simple tubing, makes watering in any location simple to do.

We’d like to know how we are doing here at WallPots and make sure that we are meeting all of your living wall needs. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us!

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