Living Wall Planters in San Diego

If your in Mission Hills, San Diego whether your a business or a homeowner looking to create a lushes living wall garden. Mission Hills Nursery in San Diego’s has all your living wall needs. They are a very educated and family run business that was established in 1910 by the ‘Mother of Balboa Park’ Kate Sessions.

Mission Hills is located a few miles northwest of downtown San Diego. Located in the hills  where there are lush landscape, deep windy canyons, and a very eco-friendly neighborhood. When I arrived in Mission Hills is like entering an oasis with a cool strip of thriving businesses. Glad that WallPots a Eugene, Oregon based company is selling their planters to the neighborhood nursery.

When you first enter the mission hills nursery one of the first thing you notice is there new livingwall display! As seen in photo below. Right below the display are WallPots for sale and they can educate you on how to turn your dead wall into a live wall! As well as how to install your livingwall and what plants will work for your location. They have a great plant selection of hanging indoor house plants for a Living Wall in a shady place. Also carrying succulents and drought tolerant plants for a more exposed sunny Living Wall.


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