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Living walls and vertical gardens are stunning! Plants and flowers can create visually appealing masterpieces out of simple balconies or living art pieces on plain dead walls. WallPots is an innovative, high quality product that allows you to do just that. WallPots is the first living wall planter to have a “drip-line” irrigation channel system, making maintenance a breeze. WallPots are made with extremely thick, vegetable grade, polypropylene rubber material.  What does this mean to you? It increases the durability, life, and appearance of the WallPot; all while making it completely waterproof at the same time. WallPots can be placed on any vertical surface, inside or outside your home! With eight large brass grommets, you can use a variety of methods to hang your Wallpots. For larger livingwalls, our thick frame and large grommets allow you connect and hang WallPots together. Take advantage of unused walls and maximize your living space, health and garden space. Yes health, plants clean the air collect dust, air borne sicknesses, and makes the room smell much fresher!

  • Benefits of Livingwalls

    LivingWalls improve indoor quality in this world filled with pollution because of overpopulation, cars, and industrial air toxins.
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  • Eco Friendly LivingWalls

    Living Wall is a very strong and visible statement that displays commitment to sustainability by improving the indoor or outdoor environment.
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  • Maintaining LivingWalls

    Using WallPots makes it relatively simple to manage a beautiful, lush and healthy green wall at all times. WallPots makes it relatively simple.
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  • Tips on building livingwalls

    There are a few things to consider when building a living wall that can be applied to all planters such as location, plant types, and
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